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Dear Property Owners:
Please join us. Presently I've got 35+ properties at The Lake of the Ozarks that want to work together to promote our own. I had been a happy VRBO guy until 2-3 years ago. I don't want to "work Around" the plans of these vultures, or lie to them. I want to leave. I would rather pay Google than Expedia. (Bad Choices !!) I still have a VRBO 133879 up. My VRBO 65014 expired in July.
I don't know exactly how this is going to come out. I want your help. Initially, I will put up a downloadable spreadsheet that lists everyone's home. Please send my your properties on an excel spreadsheet. And let's visit. I'm working on developing a new website for this. I have the domain,
Please help us work together to put a majority of the Lake Ozark Properties together, and win the organic search battle. If any of you are good with Word Press or SEO, jump in. And I would like to set up a "list serve" that connects us for the exchange of information.
Henry E Leonard
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